From the first time he got his hands on a guitar aged 7, David realized this was his instrument. At 13, he was invited into his first working band, Storm Orphan (hey, it was the 70's!), which introduced the previously "bedroom only" guitarist to the wonderful world of live gigs. Instant addiction...and it hasn't faded a bit.

David has immersed himself in a number of styles over the years, from his hard rock beginnings to jazz, but various mutations of darkwave have been his stylistic home for a long time now. A founding member of the long-running Portland gothic rock ensemble Written in Ashes, David developed his own signature approach to the guitar in "spooky music" situations. Melding classic goth-rock chorused shimmer with heavier, near-metal influences (and the occasional legato jazz-style passage), his sound and tone are readily identifiable.

Initially invited to contribute guitar work to Temple of the Machine, he has since become a full-fledged member of Among the Weeds... another one down the rabbit hole!

Also the founder of Luna's Ceiling, a synthpop/wizardtronic project with two full-length releases and numerous singles to its credit. Previosuly playing shows in the Northwest as a trio, Luna's Ceiling has recently returned to its roots as a solo recording project, a way for David to indulge his programming jones. "I really enjoy making electronic music, but there is no point in me doing that with Among the Weeds... Moose is a lot better at it!"

David plays a G&L SC2 guitar on stage, through an Egnater Tweaker amp. Although he is at heart a boutique effects pedal junkie (you can have his Devi Ever Bit when you pry it from his cold, dead fingers!), for live work he uses a Line6 M-13 stompbox modeler unit. "It sounds amazing, and there's no comparison in terms of reduced pain-in-the-ass factor for gigs and touring."